We are proud of our customers... and the things they say.

Customers say

"We required a very complex solution with multiple, extremely resource-demanding and sometimes even conflicting parameters, but the Medialooks platform provided enough flexibility to meet our customers’ needs. With the excellent support of the Medialooks team we were able to build from scratch and release an entry level Virtual Studio, a high-end Virtual Studio and Online Video Mixer in less than a year! We are extremely happy with their technology and expertise and will continue to build unique products using Medialooks' SDKs."

 Salim Shaikh , April Broadcast, India

"The mission at RUSHWORKS is to identify market segments with specific needs that are best fulfilled by integrated hardware/software solutions. Toward that end we strive to stay current with all the options available that allow us to quickly create simple, powerful and cost-effective solutions that benefit a broad range of customers. After discovering and being engaged with Medialooks for a few months, it became apparent that their marketing philosophy and attendant product development and offerings were very parallel to our own. The MPlatform SDK is the logical extension and distillation of all their development to date, providing enormous flexibility and adaptability in supporting various solutions we currently offer... with many more under development."

 Rush Beesley, RUSHWORKS, USA

"Building everything from scratch is not a good approach for building software products these days. No matter if you’re a professional or if you just got into the digital media world, it is vital to have the right solution, which can get your products up and running. When we got our hands on the new MPlatform SDK we realized that it will really boost our production process and help us achieve the high-quality functionality in our products, which we were looking for, with minimum effort. The MPlatform SDK is indeed well organized and provides both easy access to all the required functionalities for simple solutions as well as detailed components adjustment for more complex solutions, when required. Choosing MPlatform has proved to be the right decision when it comes to producing high-quality broadcast solutions."

 Tsviatko Jongov, Jongbel Media Solutions, Bulgaria

“We have been using products by Medialooks for over 4 years. The products are of exceptional quality. Support is extremely competent and very fast. With a small development team, they make great software. I am very happy to be a customer of Medialooks.”

 Carlos Alberto Phelippe, Digilab Soluções Digitais, Brazil

"We are working with Medialooks' products since 2009. The development is very rapid and the support is fast and very professional. The new MPlatform boosts the performance and quality of our software even more. In our opinion Medialooks provides the best products for developing high-end software solutions for broadcast, video playback and recording environments."

Christoph Hillen, JOY event & media, Germany

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