MFormats SDK

A smart video API for C#, VB.NET, Delphi and C++ developers.

MFormats SDK is a frame-based video software development framework that simplifies and improves the development experience when working with live sources, playing out to professional devices, encoding video data or playing media files.

MFormats removes the unnecessary complexities and limitations of DirectShow or GStreamer, bringing ease of use and pleasure to the development process.

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What is MFormats SDK?

MFormats is a software development library, that can power professional video applications of any complexity. It is also a powerful codec library, that makes use of FFmpeg. With MFormats you can read and write frames from or to a specific file format/container, mix video frames and overlay text & simple graphics.

In MFormats audio and video are always in sync because the relevant chunks of audio are transmitted together with the video stream. In MFormats we employ a pull model (vs. the commonly available push model): specific frames are extracted and played out by request.


Startup edition

  • Grab video from a web cam or other DirectShow-based source.
  • Share a single video source between several processes or applications.
  • Mix several video streams and use transition effects.
  • Overlay simple text and images (.GIF, .JPG, .PNG).
  • Play and write to MP4, QuickTime, MPEG-2, DV, MKV, AVI and other file formats.
  • Receive and stream to RTMP, HTTP, UDP and other network streaming formats.

Professional edition

Includes all Startup features plus:

  • WebRTC support - multiple ways of adding web streaming to your app.
  • Support for NewTek NDI™ protocol.
  • Low-latency ingest and playout integration with Blackmagic Design, AJA, BlueFish444, Stream Labs, DELTACAST and Magewell.
Buy for $1750

Expert edition

Includes all Startup and Professional features plus:

  • Proprietary implementations of MXF (playout).
  • Play while recording.
  • Time shifting engine.
  • Indexing (for faster and more accurate frame access). Planned.
  • External decoding (for increased stability of your application).
  • GPU Codec Pack - adds H.264 encoding (NVENC and QuickSync), H.264 decoding (NVENC) and H.265 encoding and decoding (NVENC). Requires Nvidia's latest Maxwell GM20x GPUs (GTX980, 970, 960) and future Quadro/Tesla/GRID platforms based on GM20x GPUs.


Add-ons and compatible products

Character Generator Plugin
A powerful engine for static or animated overlay of text and graphics.

Buy for $1450

HTML5 Plugin
An off-screen rendering engine.

Buy for $2850

Chroma Key Plugin
Our advanced chroma keying engine. Works on both CPU and GPU.

Buy for $2850

Closed Captions Lib
Playout, capture and I/O of CEA-608 (NTSC) and CEA-708 (digital television) closed captions.
Buy for $2850

Buy for $4300

Why MFormats SDK?

  • Simple, intuitive API.
  • Minimized latency.
  • Full control over each video frame in any part of the pipeline.


MFormats SDK is licensed on a per developer basis. Most of the licensing questions are covered in the Licensing FAQ. If you have further questions, please email us or use the support form.

Download MFormats SDK