Multimedia software development services & consulting

Hiring Medialooks for software development, product training or feature development is simply a way to get the right things done, on time.

There are 4 distinct service areas where we can help.

1. On-site product training & consulting

We can have a dedicated engineer made available for you on-site to efficiently bring your team up to speed with the best practices of using our software toolkits.

2. Custom or prioritized enhancements of our products

Our roadmap is largely based on what customers request from us. We tend to prioritize these tasks based on either the number of customers requesting the same thing or our own understanding of what we think is valuable and important. It is possible to shift a task's priority by co-investing into its development with us.

Examples of such services/features:

  • add support for a custom compression format or container;
  • implement specific behavior logic;
  • add support for a new hardware vendor;
  • add content protection support.

3. Prototyping

In an ideal situation, we will analyze your business requirements and turn them into a working sample application (in your desired environment: C#, VB.NET, VB6, C++ or Delphi). You will be able to use this prototype as proof of concept for a customer or top management.

We will initially charge for the prototyping only - once your project is given a green light (management approves budget or customer signs a purchase order), you can purchase our components and have either your own developers polish the UI or upgrade to our turnkey application development service.

4. Turnkey application development

In this scenario the scope of work includes both the business logic and the GUI. We specialize in:

  • playout and broadcast automation systems (for TV stations, music channels, etc.);
  • multiview systems;
  • virtual TV studios with chroma key technology;
  • 24/7 capture (ingest) solutions;
  • transcoding applications.

If what you have in mind doesn't fit any of the above, talk to us anyway - perhaps, we'll still be interested in working with you.

Technologies & hardware


  • Our primary interest with development services is to improve MPlatform. The cost of an MPlatform license, as well as other required products, will usually be a part of the Statement of Work.
  • We have customers worldwide and some of them are large software development firms. If you prefer to do a software project with someone local or at least speaking the same language, we are also open to suggesting one of our partners in helping you out.

Interested? We want to hear from you!

Email us to [email protected] or contact us via the online form or Skype.