Medialooks team

The only reason for running a business is making your team and customers happy.

Andrey  Co-founder & CEO I co-founded Medialooks in 2005, but I still enjoy talking to customers. I love cars, motorbikes, DJ-ing and developing our new collaboration tool Runby.
Vsevolod  Co-founder & Software architect I co-founded Medialooks in 2005. I like cars, cats and coding. My goals are: peace of mind and peace in the world.
Pa stamp 01 Alexander Head of Tech Support I joined the Medialooks team in November 2012 and found some great work and experience here. I'm the only orc in this kingdom of elves. Join the dark side - we have cookies.
Inna  Executive assistant Since I started my work at Medialooks in 2012 as Executive assistant I keep saying: this is the best job I ever had. :) I love snowboarding, milk, sunsets and dream to visit Iceland one day.
Andrey  Software integration engineer I joined Medialooks in December 2015. Now I have the greatest opportunity to work with a high-skilled professional team in the best company in the world. I like the seaside, guitar playing and I do a lot of reading. Will help you to find the way out from any deadlock and will clarify your misunderstandings.
Pavel  Software integration engineer I have had the best job in the world at Medialooks since 10 a.m. October 19, 2012. If you have a problem or a question, I am there to help. I like driving cars, going to the gym, playing WOT and helping people.
Ivan  Software developer My career at Medialooks started in 2010. I started as a Software integration engineer, but later got involved in programming tasks. I like the challenge that software development often offers me. Also, I like anything that has two wheels and can take me far from home for the weekend. I spend some of my evenings working on my motorbike in the office garage.
Eugene  QA engineer For me, it was a lucky day in April 2015 when I've been invited to join Medialooks team. Now I've got a real chance to expand my IT background working with complicated software & hardware. My passion is music composing. Also, I can't imagine my life without gym and workouts.
Vadim  Web developer I've been with Medialooks since September 2011 and I love this job. I'm mad about good books, how about you?
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